Review: Kind of Brave by Kat Quinn

One of the best things that has happened since attending my first NERFA last November has been becoming part of a loop of music sharing within the larger-than-I-had-previously-comprehended folk music community. This includes the random surprise of occasionally opening my mailbox to find CDs hoping to be heard. That’s how I came to discover an EP from Massachusetts-based Kat Quinn.

Kat QuinnKind of Brave is an completely charming recording. Self described as indie-pop, the title track is easily one I could imagine hearing over any pop radio station or in the background of some popular TV show, and actually feels like something I have heard there. Produced by Adam Rhodes, this small collection of songs marks the second release from Quinn. At four tracks, my chief complaint is that I wanted more. The songs are engaging, thoughtful, fun, and a little bit quirky in the best way.

I look forward to hearing what is coming next from Quinn, who I hope will make more, and longer, releases. She has just released a brand new song, Little Rose, which you can hear and read about at American Songwriter.

Oh, and an extra little detail which made this EP’s arrival even more fun… The press release that came with the CD had instructions and folding lines on the back for turning the page into a paper airplane. Watch the video below of the EP’s title track, and you’ll understand why.

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