I’ve been a folkie for as long as I can remember. Growing up, my folk roots trifecta consisted of John Denver, Judy Collins, and the Clancy Brothers with Tommy Makem. (Let’s just overlook my fondness for 80s pop music, having come of age during that decade…) I came to deeply appreciate the well written, well presented song. From there,  my music collection kept on growing, along with the list of favorite performers, in an exploration and expansion I hope will never end!

In November of 2013, I attended my first NERFA (Northeast Regional Folk Alliance). Despite being  fairly connected to the scene as a supporter, photographer, merch person, web person and more,  I was delighted to find a whole lot more great music that I had no idea was out there. And thus came the inspiration for this blog.

What’s my motivation? I love music. I think people who make music are pretty awesome. And while I have a lot of music in my library, there’s so much more out there I’ve not yet heard. So I want to hear more. And when I hear stuff I like, I want to help to turn more people on to it. My motivation is to boost the signal, to hopefully add some visibility for people who are working hard at making this great music and getting it out there.

Guitar, banjo, harp, fiddle, drums – it’s all good. Solo, duo, trio, or band – bring it on.  Folk, Americana, bluegrass, blues, Celtic – sounds good to me. I’m a tactile listener primarily as I love CDs for the artwork, liner notes, and (most importantly!) lyrics. The visuals enhance the experience for me, enabling me to distinguish all of the music with the added visual, physical element.

Never enough music, never enough time for all the music. But I’m willing to try…